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Shi dabin purple sand kettle



Weight: 245 g


Number: YSWHPMFW - 1080



Zisha pot began in the song dynasty and flourished in the Ming and qing dynasties. For a long time, zisha pot has been popular among literati and refined people, and gradually formed the artistic style of "shaping, literature, painting, calligraphy and seal cutting in one". The purple sand pot is the product of reflecting the fashion of The Times. The taste of a certain era standardizes its modeling and decoration. Throughout the historical evolution of zisha pot, it is generally expressed by coarse tending to essence, by big tending to small, by simple tending to numerous, and by returning to simplicity again. It has experienced three stages of primitive simplicity, gorgeous, quietly elegant. For modern collectors, the fine purple clay pot is one of the pillars of the collecting world.



 When the purple sand pot of big bin, one takes off the dust and vulgarity, piaoya jian zhi, style is elegant pleasing to the eye, fluent and agile. In his old age, xu youquan, one of the "three great masters of the pot family", still sighed, "my spirit is not timely (referring to the time of dabin) thick." Shi dabin is a generation of zisha art, life activities in the Ming dynasty wanli dynasty to the qing dynasty between shunzhi dynasty. He has done a lot of research on clay preparation, molding techniques, modeling design and inscriptions of purple sand pottery, and established a highly difficult technical system that is still followed by purple sand industry, that is, to use clay and insert to form out of thin air.



Shi dabin has studied the clay preparation, molding techniques, modeling design and inscriptions of purple sand pottery, and established the highly difficult technical system of using clay and inlaying that is still followed by purple sand industry. In recent years, purple arenaceous high-quality goods is becoming the pamper of artwork auction market, market is bullish again and again, element has most collect value antique to say. Let alone master works, often difficult to find a pot, a pot of gold when the dabin works, but few spread. During the qianlong reign of the qing dynasty, shi dabin's works were regarded as rare treasures.



There must be exquisite packaging for the cultural relics hidden by gong family, so the pot has a custom-made gall casket with delicate brocade lining, and the lying bag is padded with soft silk, which is well made and can also be appreciated as a single artwork, showing the collectors' love for cultural relics. The textual research in calligraphy and the seal of appreciation and collection are pasted on the capsule, which not only indicates the preciousness of the pot, but also reflects the refined feelings and taste of the literati, as well as the expression of his personal temperament and accomplishment. The so-called "elegant play" is worth learning from the later generations. This "zhanli zhai" collect old thing early years is dispersive make Japan, return home now, be worth to collect a home to cherish.


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